About Kinderdijk Publishers

Kinderdijk Publishers is a small publisher who releases books in hard- and softcover and digital media with an altruistic perspective.

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Surus & Toby

Daniël Gradusson

Surus the elephant is captured and unhappy. Then he meets his new friend, the monkey Toby. Toby is determined to make Surus' life better, but he can't do that on his own. Would he be able to find someone... more

Indonesië vanuit zee

Johan Hottinga

Indonesia from the Sea is a fascinating eyewitness report of a lesser known turbulent piece of Dutch history: the activities of the Dutch Navy in the Dutch East Indies in the years just after the Second World War. Johan Hottinga describes ... more

Digital releases: E-books

Follow Your Creative Dreams - What's Stopping You?

Debbie Janssen

The purpose of this book is to help people get into and past the beginning phase of their creative expressions and... more

Coming soon

The White Rose of Castle Rock

Zadie Maranto

Sudden changes abruptly disrupt the idyllic life of a young woman who finds herself as the prize in a jousting tournament. Not everything or everyone is as they seem as the mystery unfolds and her unknown past merges with the present. Ominously, all the events seem to point to the same reality she tries so hard to avoid, her darkly rumored fate. How will Lady Jane escape it?


Damwald, Netherlands

Email: kinderdijkpublishers@gmail.com

What is Kinderdijk?

Kinderdijk Publishers is located in Holland, the land known for the 'Kinderdijk'. This famous world heritage is situated near Rotterdam. As is almost half of Holland, this area is below sea level. There is a complex of 19 beautiful historic windmills as part of a centuries old system to get rid of the excess water. Now it is a remaining symbol of the battle of the Dutch against the water.