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Creative Dreams Global Summit Landing Page

Creative Dreams Global Summit

November 20th-27th 2017

Free Online Event!

Hosted by Debbie Janssen
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Our Expert Speakers

Tish Hinojosa

Folksinger Songwriter

Matt Cerf

Composer DJ Songwriter


Singer Songwriter Writer

Dr. Susan Forward Ph.D.

Overcoming a Toxic Past

Patricia Evans

Recognizing Verbal Abuse

Marco A. Dominguez Ph.D.

Poet & Playwright

Beverly Engel

Recovering From Emotional Abuse

Dr. Jonice Webb Ph.D.

Understanding Childhood Emotional Neglect

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal N.D.

Changing Negative Beliefs

Carla Atherton MA/FDN/TNC

Navigating A Toxic World

Dr. Deanna Minich Ph.D.

Color Me Healthy

Brooks Palmer

Is Clutter Getting In Your Way?

Howard Martin

On Heart & Intuition

Kim Knight

Secrets to Health: What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Dr. Jacob Liberman Ph.D.

A Vision Of Light

Dr. Roger Brewer

On Resilience

Nicole Brewer MA

On Resilience

Dr. Michelle M. Lelwica Ph.D.

The Orthodoxy Of Thinness

Dr. Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D.

Empowered For Healing

Dr. Kristin Neff Ph.D.

Self-Compassion For The Creative Soul

Suzanne Rossini Cert. AAMET EFT Practitioner

EFT For Creative Ones

Kate Swoboda

On Being Courageous

Jane Middelton-Moz M.S.

Conquering The Legacy of Addiction

Debbie Janssen, Host

Success Is Closer Than You Think, Working Past Blocks

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